The Law Offices of Scott M. Keller | Dallas Attorney

The Law Offices of Scott M. Keller is an insurance and personal injury law firm based in Dallas, Texas. Scott M. Keller is known for his adept handling of a variety of insurance and personal injury cases, including insurance claim underpayment, insurance claim denial, bad faith claims handling, motor vehicle accidents involving negligence, and premises liability. Potential clients can be confident Scott will put their needs first — and represent them in the most ethical, responsible way possible.

Practice Areas at The Law Offices of Scott M. Keller

A versatile lawyer with a thorough understanding of several areas of law, Scott guides a variety of clients through Texas’ complicated legal system. He is especially committed to helping policyholders, as he has done for nearly three decades. As an insurance lawyer, he assists clients with cases involving insurance claim denial and insurance claim underpayment. These cases often involve fire, weather, and theft claims. In addition to serving as an insurance lawyer, he also works in personal injury law. Although he can assist clients with an array of personal injury concerns, he is especially adept at resolving cases that involve car accidents, trucking accidents, and premises liability.

The Role of Teamwork at The Law Offices of Scott M. Keller

Scott M. Keller makes a point of serving not only as a legal representative, but also as an educator. By equipping his clients with useful and accurate information, he is better able to secure favorable case resolutions. He also believes that teamwork plays an instrumental role in achieving favorable results. As such, he makes a point of building strong and trusting relationships with his valued clients. These clients trust Scott Keller to act in their best interest, especially in the stressful courtroom setting.

Scott M. Keller: Reliable Representation in Dallas, Texas

Having served the Dallas area for more than 27 years, Scott has built a stellar reputation throughout the region and in Texas at large. His contributions to the community were recognized in 2012, when Texas Lawyer named him the Litigator of the Week. Clients and fellow lawyers alike have commended him for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy attorneys in the state of Texas.  For the ultimate in insurance and personal injury representation, look to the Law Offices of Scott M. Keller.