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Insurance law is the practice of law surrounding insurance and entails insurance policies, the regulation of the content of insurance policies and the regulation of claim handling. Often, when insurance policy holders file a claim, their financial interests and the insurance company’s financial interests are in natural conflict. Your insurance company may want to pay a minimum payout, while you want a maximum payout. You’ve paid your premium, but you have to fight for good claim service. For over 25 years, attorney Scott Keller has been helping policyholders when it comes problems with collecting for loss for fire, theft or some other calamity.
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Personal Injury

Accidents that cause personal injury have long-lasting effects, including financial distress for many people. Under Texas Personal Injury Law, you can seek fair compensation for your claims that arise due to accidents caused by negligent behavior. The process can be confusing, but you can get the legal assistance you need to get past this difficult time at the Law Offices of Scott M. Keller, in Dallas, TX.
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