Scott M. Keller

Even if you have a good insurance company, you may encounter problems collecting a fair amount for damage claims, and need assistance from an experienced attorney. At the Law Offices of Scott M. Keller, in Dallas, TX, we have helped policyholders obtain compensation from reluctant insurance companies for over 25 years.

The Law Offices of Scott M. Keller

We are committed to helping people who find themselves having difficulty collecting from various insurance companies following their property or personal injury loss. We serve people from all of Texas, and are ready to help you to also find justice. Insurance companies only want to settle for minimum amounts, no matter what the circumstances of a claim might be. We know that obtaining maximum awards is neither simple nor easy.

Attorney Scott M. Keller

Attorney Scott M. Keller has extensive knowledge of Insurance Law and Personal Injury Law in Texas. He will put all of his knowledge and legal skills to work on your behalf, so you can get the settlement you deserve and move forward with your life again. Scott has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1987. He takes all the time needed with each client during their claim process, keeping them informed about what to expect and how their case is coming along. His approach is that of a team member, to maximize the results of the attorney/client relationship.

Scott is an active member of the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association. He has an excellent education, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business in 1983, at the University of Saint Thomas, in St. Paul, MN. He then studied law at Southern Methodist University, graduating from the Dedman School of Law, in 1987.

Texas Personal Injury & Insurance Attorney

People who come to the Law Offices of Scott M. Keller for help with Personal Injury & Insurance matters are warmly welcomed. We speak English and Spanish, and we give each client individual attention. Attorney Scott M. Keller works closely with clients, giving each the legal advice, counsel and representation they deserve.

Texas is a large state, with many weather-related and vehicle accident insurance claims. Typical problems many people need help with include:

  • Insurance Claims – denials, underpayments, delays in payment, fire-weather-theft claims
  • Personal Injury Claims – trucking accidents, motor vehicle accident claims
  • Premises Claims – liability/accident claims

Don’t get discouraged over insurance claims and delays in payments. Take action today by getting the legal assistance you need to win. Contact the Law Offices of Scott M. Keller, in Dallas, TX. Call us now, at (214) 741-2963.